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October 5, 2006

Melting pixels

Filed under: Free / Libre, Video — Signore Iredell @ 7:45 pm

Tweaking Client / Rendering / Types settings in the Second Life client may lead to some strange, melting effects 😉
Make the Client / Server menu appear (CTRL+ALT+D or CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D), then play with Client / Rendering / Types settings.

Video quality is a bit better if you download the file (I’m not sure this works; you can download the video from here, though).

Made in Second Life using the Linux client and Xvidcap (Please, Linden Labs, give your linux users machinima capability! we need video recording -and playing- support!) 
Music editing with Avidemux and Audacity.

Soundtrack is a cut-up of M.I.A / XEROX SOUNDSYSTEM – “HOMBRE (XEROX RE-TUG)”


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