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January 26, 2007

Social Autopoiesis

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Social Autopoiesis is a Chatbot running with libsecondlife and AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language)





December 27, 2006

Zikrid Redgrave @ Necrotica Isle

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December 25, 2006

Necrotica Isle

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Doic Sinatra

December 23, 2006

Glitch after avatar change

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Abstract Avatars strike again ? 😦

This happens to me when I take off my Bliss v0.2 avatar from Abstract Avatars.


December 21, 2006

Bizarre Berry’s wonderful work

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My profile proudly features only one Pick, and it is about Bizarre Berry’s Bucolic Burrow, where you can find uncommon avatars and whacky stuff with close attention to detail. More important, you may find here Bizarre Berry himself!

Berry’s Bazaar and Caves of Lascaux
Modesta (125, 55, 66)

berry_001.jpg berry_003.jpg berry_002.jpg
Signore Iredell wearing the UN-REZZED skin and Bizarre Berry as a fountain

I personally met Bizarre Berry some weeks after I entered Second Life and it’s been a really nice meeting. He is a lovely and funny person: he kindly explained me how some things work in world, we exchanged jokes and had a good time.

Detailed artwork

His work is currently featured at the well-known New World Notes – the article is about the wonderful Caves of Lascaux, but don’t forget to give a look to the funny Bizarre’s Berry avatars and skins as well!

Avatars include appropriate gestures

December 16, 2006

Snow glitches

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I love interface glitches.


I was walking on a hill in a snow-themed sim when I met a couple, then I met a strange thing. A right-click told me that it was an avatar – or that the Second Life application thought it was an avatar.
Actually it wasn’t, and it disappeared just seconds after I took a snapshot. By the way, the Profile belonged to one of the two persons I had met there a minute before. The texture of the object appear to be the same of the Snowboard Boots created by Eric Linden that I, and possibly other people on that area, were wearing.

November 9, 2006

(Solved) Annoying red and blue glowing problem

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Quick tip: Disable “Show updates” in the Client menu (CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-U)

While I’m usually on Linux, sometimes I get in SL from a Windows system. I recently upgraded the graphic card of this Windows-based system – now it’s a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200, with recent drivers. I thought I would get rid of this annoying effect with the upgrade, but it’s still here. I’m going to contact Live Help right now and point them to these snapshots, because I don’t even know how to describe the effect 😦

blue.jpg red.jpg

…thanks to Harmony Linden that promptly solved my problem telling me to disable “Show updates” in the Client menu!

October 24, 2006

Sometimes I feel strange

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Don’t ask me how this happened. I’m currently wearing an “abstract avatar” and this probably messed up the underlying avatar shape. You can see my breasts, a ear and a eyebrow.

October 17, 2006

Artificial Intelligence: a Bartender

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This bartender robot is based on a Artificial Intelligence system. It / he answers to some questions and it can hold simple conversations. See also Chatbot: Artificial Intelligence for Avatars.


Notha (191, 147, 276)

Blogged with Flock,  then edited in the WP interface ;P

October 5, 2006


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I was 54000 meters high today. Nothing if compared to 250000 and climbing at which is right now Jacobus Nihilist…

Nice skyline, though.

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