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October 1, 2006

A HUD for sim tagging and rating

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Excerpts from “If one likes sim X, one may also like sim Y…” by Ordinal Malaprop.
“…I did, however, become interested in the idea of sim tagging, and so I thought about a system which would allow for this. I came up with a simple HUD device with four buttons. One gives the user an informative notecard; one sends the user to the web page listing the tagged results (more on that in a moment); but the most important ones are marked Vote and Clear. The idea is that the wearer clicks Vote if they like a sim they are in for whatever reason”
“…If you would like to participate in this it would make me extremely happy. The system requires a large number of contributors. You don’t need to spend ages marking every sim that you like and keep the HUD on all the time – if you only visit some of your favourites and vote for them now, then forget about the whole thing, that would still be terrific. And if you do obtain one of the objects, do consider giving it to any friends of yours who might also be interested – it is free to copy and transfer.

The HUD is available from:


September 24, 2006

The TrustNet rating system

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Dale Glass is working to TrustNet, an alternative to the SL ratings system. It’s nearly done, and will soon be available. Currently it’s still in testing, but he expects to have it finished in a couple of days. Dale Glass explains that it runs on his server and it’s not going to be open-sourced.

From TrustNet 0.44 Help:
Unlike the SL system, there are no global ratings in TrustNet. Instead, scores are calculated for people based on your ratings, and the ratings of the people you trust. Everybody gets different scores for the same person, and in fact, it’s perfectly possible for two people to have completely different scores for the same person. (…) Your friends’ ratings are worth only 1/10 of your own, and their friends’ ones only 1/100 (…) Ratings add up.

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