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November 24, 2006

Italians in Second Life

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Since a couple of weeks I have been managing a blog and a forum about Second Life. Both of them are italian-language based: you can find lots of information about in Second Life on the internet, but it’s mostly written in english. Unfortunately, italian people often lacks a good knowledge of english language, and reading documentation in a language you are not comfortable with is quite boring. Even worst, you probably won’t have fun if you try to chat with other people in a language  you don’t know 🙂

So, at the present, I’m writing some italian basic documentation, short photo-reports and I’m trying to help italian people meet themselves and -who knows?- maybe building a community.


November 14, 2006

3pedia: a wiki about media from and towards Second Life

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From 3pedia is intended to be an editable encyclopedia whose articles describe technologies and applications that connect people in space, whether that space be real or virtual, as well as related subjects. Of particular interest are technologies that enhance the functionality of multi-user 3D online spaces (…)

3pedia‘s birth looks interesting for me, since I started this blog in order to cover some of 3pedia topics. Now I could choose to close this blog and move my little efforts about SL media into 3pedia. I believe in wiki cooperation – and I would like to join the forces with other SL residents that share an interests in media from and towards Second Life.

More, I recently started blogging on Second Life Italia Blog (in italiano) and participating to the italian community web-based forum (forum in italiano dedicato a Second Life), so I really should optimize my spare time 🙂

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