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January 26, 2007

Social Autopoiesis

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Social Autopoiesis is a Chatbot running with libsecondlife and AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language)





December 21, 2006

Bizarre Berry’s wonderful work

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My profile proudly features only one Pick, and it is about Bizarre Berry’s Bucolic Burrow, where you can find uncommon avatars and whacky stuff with close attention to detail. More important, you may find here Bizarre Berry himself!

Berry’s Bazaar and Caves of Lascaux
Modesta (125, 55, 66)

berry_001.jpg berry_003.jpg berry_002.jpg
Signore Iredell wearing the UN-REZZED skin and Bizarre Berry as a fountain

I personally met Bizarre Berry some weeks after I entered Second Life and it’s been a really nice meeting. He is a lovely and funny person: he kindly explained me how some things work in world, we exchanged jokes and had a good time.

Detailed artwork

His work is currently featured at the well-known New World Notes – the article is about the wonderful Caves of Lascaux, but don’t forget to give a look to the funny Bizarre’s Berry avatars and skins as well!

Avatars include appropriate gestures

October 2, 2006

Chatbot: Artificial Intelligence for Avatars

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FromĀ  the SL Chatbot Introduction

Chatbot is based on the A.L.I.C.E. foundations AIML, and is designed to carry on relatively intricate conversations with humans. The Chatbot program is hosted on the free Pandorabots website. Metaverse Technology primary contribution is a Second Life interface that utilizes the LLHttpRequest functionality to instantiate a Chatbot in the Second Life Metaverse.

You can contact the creators Navillus Batra or Anthony Reisman in world, or check out Beta, a demo chatbot.

The SL Chatbot is a great item to experiment with on Second Life. It is fun to have around, and if it ever gets on your nerves, you can always shut him down. Put him in a magic hat and make it a magic talking hat. Turn your amazing vehicle into an amazing vehicle with a attitude that can talk back.

One of the great things about your clubs or stores in Second Life is that they are always open, but you can’t always be there. So add a SL Chatbot, use our straightforward customization process, and have it create that welcome feeling for whom ever might come your way.

August 29, 2006

Make your own SL animations with Avimator and Qavimator

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QAvimator is a simple, open source tool for creating and editing avatar animations for Second Life. It started as a Qt port of Vince Invincible’s Avimator. If I’m not wrong, both Avimator and Qavimator are free software; they are available (in alpha stage) for GNU/Linux, Mac Os X and Windows.

I read some documentation and started playing around with Animator. The application seems simple and user-friendly. I chose a photograph of a human pose (thanks, 29man!) and in less than an hour I managed to make this pose. Well, there is a begin.

Female Pose for Second Life

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