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April 30, 2007

I disagree with “Project Open Letter”

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I won’t sign the “Open Letter” and I want to say it. Many people won’t sign it and won’t even talk about it.

The “Open Letter” is strongly biased against “unverified accounts”. I think this is not acceptable. Paying and not-paying residents have the same dignity and must have the same rights.

This won’t obviously make the headlines, but in these same hours many other residents are explaining why they believe “Project Open Letter” is wrong or where they think it fails.

Here are some examples. I’m going to expand this list as I will find new references.

  • THE GRID IS FALLING! (not) – this article by Kami Harbinger makes many good points against the “Open Letter”
  • I think Baba Yamamoto is insightful when he says that the issues described in the “Open Letter” will be taken care of as the normal course of development and then the signers can claim they “forced linden lab” to take note of the community
  • Nobody Fugazi describes his experience – basically, many SL problems could be avoided by the user, and it looks like this is working for him
  • The Metaversed Podcast / Sunday 29th April, where Nick Wilson dismisses “Project Open Letter” (disclaimer: I didn’t listen to it – spoken english is hard to me)
  • I’m totally with trinity_dejavu when s/he says that EVERY new user to SL makes SL a better and richer place for all of us. Don’t assume for one second that the “Project Open Letter” position on unverified accounts in any way represents the majority position
  • excerpts from AWM Mars comments [ 12 ] in the Linden Lab blog:
    [the Open Letter] unfortunately includes statements/proviso’s that certain types of account would not be welcome to use the community and be excluded, and their abilities be subject to restrictions, when times get tough, I will not be a party to that discrimination in any shape or form; the correct approach for any community, should be to suggest scaling up the ability for ALL to be able to login. That is acheiveable!
  • tx Oh underlines how many people using free accounts actually add value to the Second Life community reporting bugs, helping people in-world and creating freebies
  • not related to the “Project Open Letter”, but even Amazon is prepared to accept a certain amount of instability as price for being at the leading edge of the 3D frontier
  • The Success of Project Open Letter – And, Perhaps, The Failure by Nobody Fugazi
  • Laetizia Coronet didn’t sign the letter, but she found her name on it. She also points out that whenever performance issues are discussed, ‘unverifieds’ are discussed as well, and usually the idea is that limiting their capabilities is the cure for all ills

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