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February 28, 2007

Compiling Second Life beta-

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looks like beta- lacks client-manifest-i686

i copied the one from FL-

now compiling


February 26, 2007

Thanks for the t-shirt but…where comes it from?

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I’m currently using the stable Second Life Viewer on Windows (that is, 1.13.3 (2) Jan 30 2007 15:34:24 release).
My avatar doesn’t usually wear shirts, but after I logged in I found myself wearing a nice t-shirt:


Watching it better, I discover that this t-shirt is actually using screen_last.bmp, the snapshot that the viewer automatically takes when you logout:


February 23, 2007

Compiling Second Life First Look on Ubuntu Edgy using BUILD=releasefordownload

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Today I managed to compile the Second Life viewer on Linux using the BUILD=releasefordownload scon option… first time after many tries! I extracted the resulting .tar.bz2 package and the First Look viewer is running right now, apparently without particular problems.

Working around a llmozlib-related error, I commented out lines 126-147 and 194-195 in indra/SConstruct .

I also changed indra/llcommon/llpreprocessor.h as suggested in the sldev mailing list: at line 54, change

Then I followed the same steps I wrote in the previous post.

Feedback from other Ubuntu / other linux distro users is welcome!

fl1.jpg (is this message a default thing?)

February 21, 2007

Compiling Second Life First Look on Ubuntu, again

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This build failed, but the next one succeeded. This article includes some of the steps I had to make in the next build.


February 15, 2007

Compiling Second Life First Look

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UPDATE – new build: no better results, and I filed my first bug for SL.

Here is my system specs and here’s what I did:


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