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September 24, 2006

The TrustNet rating system

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Dale Glass is working to TrustNet, an alternative to the SL ratings system. It’s nearly done, and will soon be available. Currently it’s still in testing, but he expects to have it finished in a couple of days. Dale Glass explains that it runs on his server and it’s not going to be open-sourced.

From TrustNet 0.44 Help:
Unlike the SL system, there are no global ratings in TrustNet. Instead, scores are calculated for people based on your ratings, and the ratings of the people you trust. Everybody gets different scores for the same person, and in fact, it’s perfectly possible for two people to have completely different scores for the same person. (…) Your friends’ ratings are worth only 1/10 of your own, and their friends’ ones only 1/100 (…) Ratings add up.

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Newspapers and Periodicals in Second Life

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You may find some “Read all about it!” kiosks around Second Life. These kiosks are used to raise awareness of publications and provide a list of places where you can obtain them in-world. If you know of or run a newspaper or periodical in Second Life and would like to be included in this list, please contact Pathfinder Linden. For a comprehensive list of Resident-run web-based newspapers and periodicals, be sure to check out

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1-prim RSS Reader

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Higgins 239, 138, 110

The RSS Reader by Dedric Mauriac is a small 1-prim object that displays the titles of each post in an rss feed. If someone clicks on it, they are sent a link to the blogs web page.

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Audio stream controller HUD and configurable picture projector

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Juree 15,115,63

Audio stream controller HUD and configurable picture projector by Raffaele Pirandello.

– Radio HUD This HUD allows you to control the audio streaming in your land through an easy to use dialog menu. You can catalog your preferred internet radio in multiple notecards and then choose wich one to play.

– Pic Touch N See – Pro Edition / Configurable picture projector

You can put your photos and pictures in one or more “picture cd” inventory and display them in a 3×2 screen. You can use different picture cd to organize your pictures. The displayed pictures will change after a configurable time. You can zoom in a picture and stop the cycling by touching it. The projector uses 4 prims while not in use and 7 more when in use. The position of the pictures is configurable.

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September 23, 2006

CC license maker for your creative works in SL

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Creative Commons license machine

Democracy Island (97, 128, 25)

This machine let you create a CC license for your creative work in Second Life. It is easy to use. I started playing with it, but since I type slowly in english I didn’t managed yet to end the whole process because the machine restarts 🙂

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Free-licensed Music in SL

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If youre making music in SL, I suggest you to use free-licensed music (in most cases, this means a Creative C ommons license). Here are some advantages of free-licensed music:

  • you don’t have to pay money
  • you don’t have to ask permissions
  • you don’t have to follow silly limitations as “how-many-times-did-i-play-this-song-today”
  • you’re complying with the law
  • authors are happy with that

Authors that choose a free license want people freely using and sharing their music. Uphold their work!

I will provide here some free-licensed-music resources links. Follow them, in most cases you also will find a stream URL for these albums. This should make easy their use in SL.

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