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August 29, 2006

Make your own SL animations with Avimator and Qavimator

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QAvimator is a simple, open source tool for creating and editing avatar animations for Second Life. It started as a Qt port of Vince Invincible’s Avimator. If I’m not wrong, both Avimator and Qavimator are free software; they are available (in alpha stage) for GNU/Linux, Mac Os X and Windows.

I read some documentation and started playing around with Animator. The application seems simple and user-friendly. I chose a photograph of a human pose (thanks, 29man!) and in less than an hour I managed to make this pose. Well, there is a begin.

Female Pose for Second Life


August 26, 2006

Chance Takashi’s blogging HUD

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From Chance’s SL Musings

I’m working on a blogging HUD. It works quite nicely. You click to turn it on and it captures your chat. Then you give it a command (eventually this will all be buttons, but for now… commands) and it e-mails your blog entry. All well and good, especially since Blogger takes e-mails and saves them as drafts.

August 25, 2006

Beyond the “Slurlblogger”

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From An Engine Fit For My Proceeding

BlogHUD works via a central site and allows many people to post to one blog. I am interested more in allowing many people to post to their own Journals, wherever they are. Ideally I would like to have a device which allows automatic posting to Journals of all stripes. This is something of a long-term project however, as many are very different.

The “Slurlblogger”

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From An Engine Fit For My Proceeding

The “Slurlblogger” is a HUD device of unfortunately rather primitive appearance, which lurks upon one’s screen, listening for any comments. Saying something on channel 910 (for instance, “/910 This is where I am right now”) will make a note at one’s current location. Then saying “/910 email” will send all of the notes so far collected to a particular email address, defined via a notecard within the device.

The “blogHUD”

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The “blogHUD” is a “heads-up” device for Second Life currently in early alpha stage of development which allows the owner to easily post an entry to in the form of a blog, with a map location of where you posted from in Second Life, along with RSS feeds to subscribe to for your favourite people or places in Second Life.

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